The Great Divorce: Faith and Mental Health – Dean Kate Moorehead

The Great Divorce:  Faith and Mental Health
Presented by Dean Kate Moorehead

Dean Kate Moorehead

Presentation Description:

Sigmund Freud initiated the original separation between religion and psychology by claiming that religion itself was a neurosis.  From that day forward, it has been difficult for faith leaders to embrace the mental health profession and for mental health professionals to express their faith in the office.  How can we bridge the divide?  It is essential to understand that both faith and mental health must work in tandem to address the whole of a person, and that the spiritual life of a person can not be divorced from their mental health. Let us begin to ponder how to bridge the great divide and reconcile the two once more.

Brief Bio:

Kate Moorehead is an Episcopal priest and the tenth Dean of St. John’s Cathedral in Jacksonville, Florida.  Kate is the author of seven books. She is married for almost 25 years to JD Moorehead, a psychotherapist.  They have three boys and lots of pets.

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