SMA Foundation collaborates with the Division of Addiction Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, University of Florida and Stewart-Marchman-Act Behavioral Healthcare, Daytona Beach, Florida. The research activities are conducted under the direction of Sara Jo Nixon, Ph.D., Professor and Chief, Division of Addiction Research , Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine, University of Florida.

Many areas of addiction need to be researched in order to be effective. This knowledge will ultimately be the way to help fight the disease. Until we can answer the questions “Why and how does it affect their bodies?”, “How does it affect families?” “How to treat it,” we cannot reach them. While there is no silver bullet for addiction, fully understanding the disease will help us find the best methods to treat it. Research can help in the process of rehabilitation and recovery to reduce relapse and is constantly making strides in order to know as much as possible.