About Our Board of Directors

A Message from the Chairman of the Board

Carl Lentz, Chairman of the Board

Our community needs your support.  The mission of the SMA Foundation is building the resources to complement the programs of Stewart-Marchman-Act Behavioral Healthcare, conduct behavioral healthcare research and community education. The mission of SMA is to deliver exceptional and comprehensive behavioral healthcare to individuals and families in our community.

We invite individual and corporate sponsorships, whether the support is financial or as a volunteer, everything helps and leads us towards our goals.  Everybody has had a direct or indirect experience with addiction or mental health issues and we all understand the impact is has on our lives and community. We are working to make a difference. Through our commitment and the resources you provide, SMA will change the lives of those affected by addiction and/or mental illness.

2017-2019 Officers

Chairman: Carl Lentz, IV
Vice-Chairman: Andrew Gurtis
Treasurer: Lawrence J. McDermott
Secretary: Ryan Will

Board of Directors

Lonnie Brown
R. Brooks Casey
Maureen France
Julie Giese
Jon Greaves
Dollicia Green
Kendall Hamlin
Mark Johnson
Larry Kelly
Sherry Keyes
Melissa Murphy (Immediate Past Chairman)
David Perryman
Ted Serbousek
Jill Simpkins

Director Emeritus:

Debra Berner
Jimmy Foster
Frank Heckman
Peter Heebner
Bob Wheeler