Huger Adolescent Campus Project

Today, SMA is responding to a clear and growing community need for a full-service Adolescent Campus at Tiger Bay to serve the children in Volusia and its surrounding counties. Plans are now underway to meet this need with a new-state-of-the-art Adolescent Campus that will re-imagine what it means to deliver an exceptional experience for a child going through the most difficult time of their life.
Huger Adolescent Campus Project
Currently, SMA’s BEACH House and RAP facilities are outdated and in desperate need of repair. The dormitory –style rooms have been described by many as institutional, cold, stark and unfriendly. For a child going through quite possibly the most traumatic experience of their life, they deserve much better. They deserve a fighting chance to get back on track. Oftentimes, they live without rules and are allowed to roam the streets until they get into trouble. These kids crave discipline, structure and order and the feeling that someone in authority actually cares about them.

Scheduled to open in 2016, this new Adolescent Campus will benefit area families by enabling children to stay close to home for individualized treatment and recovery needs. It will provide comfort and healing for all in our community, including the poor and uninsured.

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