About Our Board of Directors

A Message from the Chairman of the Board

Melissa Murphy cropped
Melissa Murphy, Chairman of the Board

I am honored to serve as the Chairman of the Stewart-Marchman-Act Foundation (the “Foundation”). Our sole purpose is to support Stewart-Marchman-Act Behavioral Healthcare (SMABH). This mission is of the utmost importance as SMABH helps the most vulnerable individuals in our community. At any time, ourselves, our family members, and our friends could be faced with substance abuse and mental health issues. SMABH is a lifeline that lifts people up at the most difficult time in their lives. Please join me and the Foundation in continuing to support SMABH and to ensure that SMABH continues to grow, thrive, and provide for our local community.

2015 Officers

Chairman: Melissa Murphy
Vice-Chairman: Carl Lentz, IV
Treasurer: Sherry Keyes
Secretary: Andrew Gurtis

Board of Directors

  • Debra Berner
  • Lonnie Brown
  • Pam Carbiener, MD
  • Jimmy Foster
  • Maureen France
  • Julie Giese
  • Jon Greaves
  • Frank Heckman
  • Mark Johnson
  • Larry Kelly
  • Lawrence J. McDermott
  • David Perryman
  • Ted Serbousek
  • Jill Simpkins
  • Bob Wheeler
  • Ryan Will

Director Emeritus:

Peter Heebner